Washington/ Virginia

'Time doesn't stop for anyone
I remember the first day I got here and everything was new and exciting. I was happy and kind of scared because 10 moths seemed to be so much time.
Now I’m sitting here and I’m afraid again because the time passes by way too quickly and I’m not ready to go back to Germany yet. I think I will never be ready to go back because a part of me will always stay in America. I met so many people and they’ve all impacted my life and changed me – in a good way. I didn’t know it would be so hard and conflicting to go back.
Two weeks ago I went on a trip with my chorus class. We had a concert in Baltimore Inner Harbor, which was really fun. After that we went to Washington D.C. and I think the capital is my new favorite city. I liked it even better than Philadelphia because it was so big but beautiful. I definitely want to come back because it would take me weeks to see everything I wanted to see. So I just walked to the most important monuments and took typical-tourist-selfies in front of the white house, the Washington monument and the Lincoln Memorial. We only had three hours there, after that we head back to the bus and went to our final destination: Virginia.
The next day we spent in Bush Gardens. Unfortunately it rained all day long and we all were soaking wet. So we left earlier to go bowling – inside. However, Bush Gardens is fun, it’s the biggest amusement park I’ve ever been to. The rides are amazing and it was funny to see how Americans picture Germany. Bush Gardens is all about Europe so as you walk through the park you pass by England, France, Italy and also Germany! Though I must say it was more Bavaria than Germany. I mean Bavaria is a part of Germany but still, all you could buy were beer cups and leather pants. Where I come from, we don’t really celebrate the October Fest; it’s whatever.  
We spent the last day in colonial Williamsburg which is a historical city with people who dress up like people from the 1700s. They tell you everything about the history of the city and about the people who used to live and how they lived. It was really interesting and fun, the trip is one of my favorite memories!

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