Valentine's Day

It was Valentine's day and we went bowling and took pictures afterwards
It was 'Golden hour'; I felt in love with the light

So we went to the woods next to Stephanie's house

There was still lots of snow on the leaves of the trees

The water mirrored the water so nicely
I felt like we were in a snow globe that somebody had just stopped shaking
 Kelsey's beautiful smile
We found an empty turtle shell; I've never seen one before, it looked so nice though
It was really slippery on that trunk! Being brave.
We also found a fake deer and had to take pictures with it

In the end our hands were frozen or mainly theirs because I took the pictures and got to wear gloves. They literally turned purple.
It was such a nice day though and I love being outside because you never know what you'll discover; especially in the woods!

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