Horse Rescue

 Doesn't this ice flower look like a unicorn?
 Yesterday, I went to the South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue
 But they had more than only horses on their farm, this cat is pregnant and I hope that her babies will be as cute as she is.
 Very talented people, this is a drawing!
 The horses were so cute
 And pretty!
 I felt in love with this one.

It was freezing outside! The horses were so fuzzy
Caitlin had treats for the horses, the right one is her horse.

 The Horse Rescue takes care of horses that nobody else cares about. Most horses were sick and starving when they got there, some of the horses were even supposed to go to the horse slaughterhouse! Though  horse slaughter or the sale of horse meat has been banned in many states of the US, including New Jersey. The people at the South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue really do a great job; although it was cold outside many volunteers showed up to take care of the horses and I'm glad that there are organizations like that!
The Horse Rescue is a non profit organization; it finances itself by donations. Take a look at their Website or visit their Facebook page.
I am going to post more pictures; it was an amazing day. I wish I could do more for these animals!

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