Happy New Year

Modell; Caitlin 

I could not have thought of a better way spending the last day of 2014 than taking pictures with Caitlin and Rachel (more pictures will follow!). It was freezing outside and we had to go back inside after half an hour but therefore I am really satisfied with the pictures! I feel like all Americans are secretly models...
However my American New Year's Eve was a lot of fun, we celebrated at my host sisters house and watched the ball drop. Unfortunately you're not allowed to make your own firework in NJ but therefore we watched the New Year firework yesterday at the harbor, that was beautiful!
I hope you all had a good start in the New Year!


  1. mein gott, sind die fotos schön! das model sieht aus wie irgendeine schauspielerin, aber mir fällt der name nicht ein :-D

    frohes neues,

  2. "I feel like all Americans are secretly models... " really??? i rather think if anything all Russians might be models...
    but thanks for your info regarding firework and NY because i wacthed a picture story from sydney, hongkong, moscow, berlin, rio to NY and there was a firework at every location excerpt of NY and that really surprised me. br!

  3. Lenaaaaaaaa,
    schön wieder etwas von dir zu hören! :))))
    Da wünsche ich dir natürlich eine tolle Zeit mit ganz viel Spaß und
    guten Erfahrungen in Amerika! Und, nicht zu vergessen, auch noch ein
    frohes neues Jahr!
    Die Fotos sind sehr gelungen, das Modell ist wirklich wunderschön! :)
    Freu' mich wenn du wieder öfters posten kannst! <3