Model; Rachel
Tomorrow we're supposed to get a blizzard snowstorm thing and hopefully the schools will be closed. For some reason every school has a delay day or is even closed today except for our school. Reminds me too much of my German school; i have bad luck with schools, they always want me to work!
However, the Quarterlies start today maybe that's the reason why Pinelands takes everything so seriously. But the more it snows, the more I'm looking forward to going to Mexico in one week. It's gonna be warm and nice and the opposite of cold and snowy. Maybe I'll just stay in Mexico and end my exchange year there, my host mom agrees with me in that point. We'll find a way to stay there! Anyways, it's almost halftime for my exchange year which is crazy if cause it feels like I just arrived here yesterday and time flies and I still have so much to do! Have a nice week. 

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